Youji Makihara (巻原 洋司(まきはら ようじ) Makihara Yōji) is a boy who transferred into Kyousuke Shiroyama's class[1] and one of the nine people that were given Girl's Backdoor by Biondetta Shiroyama.[2]


Youji is a sharp-eyed boy with both sides of his hair dyed blond to emphasize the black hair in the center.[1]


Youji is a jealous person who felt that the world was unfair, as nobody recognized his successes, but they would quickly point out his failures. As such, he gleefully used the Girl's Backdoor he received from Biondetta to order girls to be her girlfriend and even made them kill themselves and others, including his classmates and his own parents. He didn't feel guilty at all about controlling girls with Girl's Backdoor, feeling that the world owed him and he was only making things even.[3]


Despite looking like the kind of high school boy one can find anywhere, Youji had more than ten girlfriends in his previous school. Additionally, over the past few weeks he changed schools constantly due to various tragedies caused by one of the girls he was intimate with, such as his home being burned in a fire, a landslide that killed everyone else in his school year during a school trip, a gas explosion destroying the fitness gym he attended, the mall he worked part-time collapsing, a stalker attacking his house and killing his parents, etc... But no matter what happened, he always end up unharmed.[1] These incidents were engineered by Youji using Girl's Backdoor.[3]

Due to these strange events, he was marked by Government, who hired the Meinokawa sisters to investigate him.[1]


Light Novel Volume 03Edit

Youji was attacked by Kyousuke Shiroyama and Isabelle as he was blackmailing a girl who worked in the entertainment industry by controlling one of her friends. Kyousuke took Girl's Backdoor away from him before leaving him to be beaten by the girls he had been abusing, assuring him he would save him once a half hour was up.[3]

He was later picked up by Kyousuke and Isabelle, who decided to contact Aika and dump him somewhere so Government could pick him up.[1]


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