Toy Dream Company (トイドリーム社 Toidorīmu-sha) is a privately owned company.[1]


Toy Dream Company is a privately owned company that supports cities that fall into economic collapse and revives them.[1] These revived cities hand over their administrative authority to be reborn as a giant profitable amusement park filled with the dreams of children and the hopes of adults. Cities have been revived in all continents.[2] This is all to follow Toy Dream’s ideology to build amusement parks around the world to spread smiles and vitality. While many appreciate the bright news these revived cities bring, some people have raised concerns over a foreign corporation taking control of regional governments. Some of the more extreme members of the opposition claim the cities are a source of money for the CIA and act as footholds for military activity as America continues to withdraw from its overseas bases.[1]

Revived CitiesEdit

  • Toy Dream 1: The first city revived by Toy Dream Company, Detroit.[1]
  • Toy Dream 35: Natsumi City, the 35th city revived by Toy Dream Company.[2]
  • Toy Dream 40: The last city revived by Toy Dream Company, Harukawa.[1]

Other Toy Dream PropertiesEdit

Besides economically reviving cities by transforming them into giant amusement parks, Toy Dream Company also produces movies[3] and has at least one civilian space station known as Toy Dream OP-05 that predicts the weather.[4]


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