The Lady of ‘Purple Lightning’ that Separates Good from Evil (iu – ao – eu – ei – kub – miq – a – ci – pl) (善悪分かつ「紫電」の淑女 Zen'aku wakatsu ‘shiden’ no shukujo) is an Unexplored-class Material, one of the beings that "lurk beyond the gods".[1]


The Lady of Purple Lightning is a small skinny short-haired girl wearing a dancer’s outfit with purple cloth that just barely covers the important parts of her body. Her exposed skin feels more sickly than seductive, but that may be because she sits in a worn-out and rusty wheelchair. Her head is tilted and nothing resembling a will can be seen in the green eyes half-covered by her bangs.[1] Her hands dangle limply by her side.[2]


The Lady of Purple Lightning doesn't show a personality when summoned, as she's controlled by her vessel.


Light Novel Volume 01Edit

The Lady of Purple Lightning first appeared in the story when she's summoned by one of Guard of Honor's summoners during a battle in Toy Dream 35's harbor. Her attacks separated Renge Meinokawa and Higan Meinokawa as they fled from their harbor, causing the plot for the novel.[1] Kyousuke would later summon her to try to fight the White Queen, but even another Unexplored-class Material was no match for the Queen's overwhelming power.[2]

Light Novel Volume 04Edit

The Lady of Purple Lightning's power is used as a bombardment weapon by Pandemonium, the mobile fortress created as a joint project by Government, Illegal and Freedom.[3] She's later summoned by Kyousuke during his infiltration of the Pandemonium, allowing him to easily mow down all Divine-classes summoned by the summoner guards who tried attacking him in a group.[4]

Light Novel Volume 05Edit

The Lady of Purple Lightning is summoned by Alberto S. Divinesmith in his fight with Biondetta Shiroyama.[5]

Light Novel Volume 06Edit

The Lady of Purple Lightning is summoned by Elvast Toydream in his fight with Kyousuke Shiroyama.[6]

Light Novel Volume 08 Edit


As an Unexplored-class Material, the Lady of Purple Lightning has strength far beyond Divine-class Materials. By slightly moving a finger she is capable of creating a purple laser-like beam of light that gathers any and all objects inside itself, compresses them like a black hole, and tears apart their bonds. This attack is easily capable of destroying large structures from hundreds of meters away.[1][5]

Her Silhouette, the Material’s weak point that stores the vessel's mind, is in her heart.[7]


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