The "Ashen" Shrine Maiden who Invites Merciful and Dignified Death (em – ao – lev – ck – rol – ei – vb – yu – a – ps) (慈悲と尊厳ある死を招く「灰燼」の巫女 Jihi to songen aru shi o maneku 'kaijin' no miko) is an Unexplored-class Material, one of the beings that "lurk beyond the gods".[1]


She's a contradictory being that possesses soft, feminine curves while being as hard as the sculptures found in Greek ruins. She looks like a long-haired beautiful woman in a shrine maiden outfit, but she has been thoroughly petrified until she reached an ashen hue void of all color and warmth.[2]


The personality of the Ashen Shrine Maiden is unknown, as it's mostly guided by the vessel when summoned.


Light Novel Volume 04Edit

The Ashen Shrine Maiden was summoned by Kyousuke Shiroyama during his first infiltration of Pandemonium, but shortly afterwards his Chain broke.[1]

Light Novel Volume 05Edit

The Ashen Shrine Maiden was summoned by Claudia Shiroyama by repeteadly defeating Shizuku Shiroyama to build up her Chain, though she originally intended to reach the White Queen.[2]


As an Unexplored-class Material, the Ashen Shrine Maiden has strength far beyond Divine-class Materials.[1] It can be her claws, her fangs, the light of her eyes, her hair, her scream, or her scent. From every possible range, she can send out deadly poisons and curses that will provide no pain and will not harm the body, but that will simply steal the soul from its container of flesh. She is the ultimate ruler of life who surpasses any grim reaper. She is an embodiment of heartwarming blasphemies such as euthanasia and the eternal preservation of a corpse.[2]


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