A summoner (召喚師 Shōkan-shi) is a person who is capable of artificially calling in gods and monsters from the other world to this one.


Modern summoners work in pairs with a vessel. They use the Blood Sign ceremony to summon Materials by carving out their names and having them possess their vessel. Summoners are knowledgeable in the use of magic, but the most magic a human can do on their own is to construct a Blood-Sign for the summoning ceremony.[1] A person does not need talent to be a summoner. All summoners have to start a battle with the Original series and have to work up to more and more powerful Materials. Nobody gets a convenient seed position from their bloodline, an item they inherited, or special training. Even the greatest expert has to start at the beginning and even the lowest rookie has a chance of using the strongest Material.[2]

Besides jobs that lead to them fighting other summoners, summoners also do side-jobs to get extra money, such as basic ghost or monster extermination requests and sealing ancient texts.[1]

List of SummonersEdit

Name Nickname/s Awards Affiliation/s Vessel/s Status
Kyousuke Shiroyama Alice (with) Rabbit 903 Freedom Higan Meinokawa, Ryouko Umie, Isabelle, Olivia Highland Alive
Aika Hikikomori 870 Government White Liger Alive
Renge Meinokawa N/A N/A Freedom Higan Meinokawa Alive
Azalea Magentarain Golden Luxury (Formerly), Uniquely Selfless 930 Guard of Honor. Quad Motors, Government (Former) Fractal Leskins Alive
Hayato Yasuzumi Telomere's End N/A Illegal, Killer Intent Antenna (Former) Fuuki Benikomichi Alive
Maria Heartocean Academia 109 Government N/A Alive
Biondetta Shiroyama Liar Cat 920 Freedom Kuina Murasame (Former), White Snake Alive
Max Layard Perfect Game 501 Government Ellie Slide Alive
N/A Tricky AAA 590 Government N/A Alive
N/A Diabolos 719 Government N/A Alive
N/A Bloodbath Rhapsody 780 Government N/A Alive
N/A L.D. 250 (Formerly), Uniquely Selfless 954 Guard of Honor. Freedom, Government, Illegal (Former) N/A Alive
Reiji Yasuzumi Telomere's End 910 Illegal. Killer Intent Antenna (Former) Multiple vessels, including Fuuki Benikomichi Initially dead, alive after Volume 2's events.[3]
N/A Sky Brain 701 Illegal Aiko Alive
N/A Scorpion 11 809 Government Ayaka Defeated by Biondetta Shiroyama, fate unknown.[4]
N/A Love and Hate Aggressor 892 Government N/A Alive
N/A Cursed Doll 500 Illegal N/A Alive
N/A Gozaru Summoner Unknown Freedom N/A Alive
N/A Lionheart 808 Illegal N/A Alive
N/A Harem Collector 98 897 Freedom N/A Alive
Elvast Toydream Thousand Eater 1000 Government Lu Niang-Lan Dead, killed by his vessel due to his abusive treatment before making the reversal from this world and the other world.[5]
Unnamed Summoner N/A 880 Illegal N/A Defeated by Guard of Honor as they were investigating, fate unknown.[6]
Unnamed Summoner N/A 854 Freedom N/A Defeated by Guard of Honor as they were investigating, fate unknown.[6]


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