Sky Brain (スカイブレイン Sukaibureinzu) is a summoner of Illegal.[1]


Sky Brain's wears an anti-G suit, though it can't hide her feminine curves.[1]


Sky Brain seems to prefer to use the most effective method possible to achieve victory.[1]


Light Novel Volume 03Edit

Sky Brain was one of the summoners sent by Illegal to attack a Government's air convoy and secure Maria Heartocean and her research about the human soul. However, she and the others were defeated by Kyousuke Shiroyama, who had been hired by Maria as a bodyguard.[1]


Sky Brain is a summoner with 701 Awards that specializes in mid-air battles, being a skilled fighter pilot. She can produce a unique Blood-Sign by gathering moisture until it spirals around like a whirlpool. She uses a revolver-style grenade launcher to fire Incense Grenades from her plane's cockpit.[1]


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