Scorpion 11 (スコーピオン11 Sukōpion 11) is a summoner of Government.[1]


Scorpion 11 is an unattractive middle-aged man in a ratty old suit. He wears a similarly faded hat.[1]


Scorpion 11 is a professional summoner. He's rather pragmatic, as he ambushed Biondetta Shiroyama with a squad of Pilot Soldiers so as to kill her before she could use an incense grenade. He also offered her a chance to surrender, since his superiors wanted to talk to her, but claimed not to care either way. Scorpion 11 is rather protective of his vessel, as he immediately changed his mind and told Biondetta that he would kill her after she attacked his vessel Ayaka.

He has a fair bit of pride in his Government job despite viewing it as a merely bureaucratic position.[1]


Light Novel Volume 03Edit

Scorpion 11 and his vessel were the summoner/vessel team assigned by Government to stop Biondetta from attacking one of their Anthills. Though Scorpion 11 ambushed Biondetta with a squad of Pilot Soldiers, he was tricked by Biondetta, who had prepared a trigger-based incense grenade in advance. Though Scorpion 11 managed to defend his vessel from Biondetta's surprise attack, they were quickly overwhelmed by Biondetta's skills.[1]


Scorpion 11 is an experienced summoner, as is evident by his award number. However, Biondetta, a 920 award summoner, considered him easy to beat, though she warned her vessel of Scorpion 11's legendary jinx; that he is constantly taking on opponents he should not be able to defeat and yet he always survives until the end. He specializes in forceful powerful shots.

Scorpion 11 creates his Blood-Sign using magic. In his case, he creates it by scraping an old match, causing a sharp spear of fire that follows the movement of his arm, producing a Blood-Sign made of ultra-hard black charcoal that resembles diamond.[1]


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