The Round Table (ラウンドテーブル Raundotēburu) is a European aristocracy organization.[1]


The Round Table is a European alliance of nobility. Unwilling to let the United States, the “newcomers” of the New World, hold the position of the world police, they've set up a Trojan Horse in the country through Quad Motors, a powerful multinational corporation that now supplies all branches of the American military.[1]

Magentarain FamilyEdit

One of the families of the Round Table. They are a family of unrepatriated golden birds of prey who have sharply honed military knowledge, development skills, and financial know-how yet possess the iron will needed to cast aside their position of nobility to secure American citizenship as immigrants, infiltrate the field of national defense, acquire political power, and achieve their goal of setting a Trojan Horse for the Round Table. They are the core of Quad Motors, with Azalea Magentarain's father being the president of the company.

Many in the family are part of the summoning business, though most of them intentionally leave themselves at around Award 50 so they won't vanish from normal society while also properly perceiving summoners. High Award summoners like Azalea are an extreme exception for her family.[1]

Deltaston FamilyEdit

One of the families of the Round Table, the Deltaston family formed a gigantic border-crossing faction by sending skilled summoners to each of the three major powers. They then used this influence to put together the DROK and Pandemonium as a way of expanding their power. This kind of project would normally devolve into the three major powers bickering over who gets to use it and it would never function properly. But with influential members of the family making adjustments in each of those major powers, it can function just fine, effectively becoming a toy for the exclusive use of that family and allowing them to build up an absolute power that none of the three major powers can interfere with while also letting those major powers argue themselves into a standstill over who gets to use Pandemonium. While they’re all too busy keeping each other from doing anything, the Deltaston family can stop hiding their giant faction and establish their unrestricted position in the Summoning Ceremony world. It can be said that Pandemonium functions as both the gas and the brakes.[2]

However, the Deltaston's family true goal with the Pandemonium is dethroning the White Queen. They desire absolute authority, perfect authority unshakable by anyone, not even the White Queen. By escaping the fear and control of the White Queen, man can finally return to being man. They feel obligated to take on that burden in accordance with the concept of noblesse oblige.[3]

Like with the Magentarain family, the Deltaston family members stay below Award 100 to fit into normal society[2]


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