Quad Motors (クアッドモータース Kuaddomōtāsu) is an American multinational corporation.[1]


Quad Motors is an American multinational corporation and one of the sources of Government's funding. Their president is the head of the Magentarain family.[1] Quad Motors is the world’s greatest defense contractor that supplies cutting-edge weaponry for all four branches of the American military. They do not design tanks using the knowhow of the automobile industry, they design them as weapons from the ground up. Quad Motors has ruled the defense industry in place of the big names of the domestic automobile and aviation industries who had lost the ability to compete, but they are not an American power. In fact they're a Trojan Horse sent by the Round Table, a European alliance of nobility, because they were unwilling to let those “newcomers” of the New World hold the position of the world police.[2]

Some of their most important products are Repliglass products, including Repliglass military units that are supplied to both the American military and Government,[2] though Guard of Honor also has an army of Repliglass units, likely thanks to Azalea Magentarain's membership.[3]


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