Olivia Highland (オリヴィア=ハイランド Orivu~ia = Hairando) is a character mentioned in the Mitou Shoukan://Blood Sign series. She was Kyousuke Shiroyama's previous vessel half a year before the events of the series.[1]


Olivia is described as a twelve-year-old girl with bright blonde hair.[1]


Not much is known about Olivia's personality, though she seems a cheery girl going by her last conversation with Kyousuke. According to Aika, Olivia ignored her and clung to Kyousuke's arm with an innocent smile while muttering ‘Onii-chan’ in her sleep.[1]


Half a year before the events of the series, Olivia lent her body to Kyousuke Shiroyama as a vessel to pay the investigation fee needed to search for the mother she had never known. The two worked together for a total of three weeks, but after that she safely returned to the sunlit normal world, though her parting words left Kyousuke troubled.[1]


Light Novel Volume 01Edit

Kyousuke Shiroyama has a picture of Olivia in a frame on the bedside table on his boat, which makes him reminisce about their time together and the last words she said to him, which he brings up later talking to Aika.[1]

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Olivia has the talent to be a vessel, and was the vessel of Kyousuke Shiroyama for a while.[1]


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