Love and Hate Aggressor (恩讐アグレッサー Onshuu Aguressā) is a summoner of Government.[1]


Her appearance has not been described.


Despite being a strict teacher, she deeply cares for her students, being famous for going on a rampage whenever one of them is killed, and also for crossing the boundaries between the major powers to repay anyone who saves one of her pupils.[1]


Light Novel Volume 04Edit

Love and Hate Aggressor was one of the summoners who noticed Kyousuke trying to flee with the White Queen so as to not cause a bigger commotion, and she decided to help him since he's the only one who can put a lovely smile on the White Queen's face.[2]

She was also one of the summoners present at the junk food restaurant where Kyousuke met with Mika Himekawa.[1]


Love and Hate Aggressor is a summoner with 892 Awards. She focuses less on actual battles and more in strictly training new summoners, giving Government a greater fighting force, though she's known to appear on the front lines and briefly produce hell on earth when one of her pupils is killed.[1]


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