Vol 07 cover

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue
  • Opening X-01: Aimless Trip to an Unmanned Station (With Nowhere to Stay)
  • Opening X-02: One-Way Ticket from Strongest to Hell, Unreserved Seat
  • Stage 01: Original Joruri Method Artificial Vessel, Meinokawa Aoi
  • Stage 02: An Enemy Named Olivia Highland
  • Stage 03: Doctor S Awaits the Hunter in the Shadows of Legend
  • Stage 04: The Blossoming White Flower Shines Even in the Moonlight
  • Ending X-01: Mission Accomplished, But For Whom?
  • Ending X-02: The Mental Leeway to Enjoy the World's Destruction
  • ?