Killer Intent Antenna (殺意のアンテナ Satsui no Antena) is an assassination group within Illegal who searchs out and eliminates people who they believe deserve to die for the sake of world's peace.[1]


Killer Intent Antenna is an elite group inside Illegal. Details of the group are unknown, but it is rumored to have between one hundred and two hundred members. All members are specialists taken from the front lines: former police officers, former soldiers, former white hat hackers, former doctors, former firefighters, former reporters, former politicians, former scientists, former pilots, former bankers, former spies, etc. By sharing and teaching their skills within the organization, they thoroughly analyze the actions of those who protect the public order. They are also said to use that to freely slip through the holes of the net, but it is unknown whether that is true or a legend.

The goal of the organization is very simple: to search out and eliminate people who deserve to die. The intelligence members of the organization identify their targets, which will be eliminated by their assassins. Their basis for who “deserves to die” surpasses the interests of a specific religion, nation, corporation, or other such framework and it cannot be changed by external pressure. It may be similar to the concept of “changing history” seen in discussions of time travel. It is entirely unknown what sort of “ideal world” they are attempting to create by killing the people on their list. So they are less of a criminal organization seeking dirty money and more of an ideological group whose actions are based on twisted dogma. The organization was powerful enough that Government considered it impossible to eliminate.[1]

The organization was created by an Illegal summoner called Reiji Yasuzumi, who believed he could bring about peace if he killed everyone standing in its way. After their leader committed suicide over a failure to kill one of his targets, a shadow was cast over his ideals and the organization decided to take the other way and completely reject death instead of accepting it in a major plan to create a deathless world. If they succeeded, they succeeded. And if they failed, it proved that their leader was right all along.[2]



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