Illegal (イリーガル Irīgaru) is one of the three main summoner factions in the world.[1]


Illegal is a large group made from a collection of 330 criminal groups.[2] Most Illegal members likely won't feel any obligation towards other groups inside the main organization, similar as to how the Russian mafia would feel no responsability if a South American drug cocktail was being misused. Because of these internal politics, an unregistered group might use the Illegal name for their own goals.[3]

According to Lu Niang-Lan, Illegal wants to get rid of the current flawed system by ruling the city, the country, and the world with their own inviolable rules and bonds of blood. She claims they just want to supply a better life for everyone. Government may see them as the evil crime lords who want to tear down their stronghold, but destroying the entire world would work against their goal. Her claim is supported by the fact that Lu gave this explanation during a mission with the goal of destroying a strategic outline full of simulation data for defeating an enemy nation that a certain nation had developed deep underground, as the simulations were too well done and would likely lead to a war if it made it to people on the top, leading to Illegal deciding to erase that possibility.[4]

Illegal seems to employ assassins like Lu Niang-Lan for their jobs, though they also commit non-violent crimes such as manipulating stock prices or dabbling in land speculation. Due to this, the organization is very skilled at spreading rumors online.[5]

Illegal is stated to be in constant struggle with the other two main powers, but while they are specially opposed to Government,[3] they appear willing to work with and hire summoners from Freedom as Kyousuke Shiroyama has worked alongside Illegal members before, and he advised Higan Meinokawa to do some small jobs for Government or Illegal to get money.[6]



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