Gouta Miyama (深山 業蛇(みやま ごうた) Miyama Gouta) is a military officer[1] and a member of Government that is in charge of security at their Anthill Project branch that used a part of Toy Dream 35's A Block airport.[2]


Gouta is a man nearly fifty years old who wears a deep blue military uniform with a great quantity of medals.[1]


Gouta is someone who gets easily flustered and is quick to anger when his faults and failures are pointed out, such as when Kyousuke explained how his safety measures would not be able to stop a summoner of his caliber.[1] He does not care about loyalty to the organization, the success of the mission, or fulfillment of his duty. He's a selfish man who only cares about his own safety.[2]


Despite the amount of medals on his uniform, Gouta has never once set foot in a battlefield.[1]


Light Novel Volume 03Edit

Gouta Miyama ordered an evacuation of the Anthill in Toy Dream 35's A Block' airport after the locations of Anthills was obtained by Biondetta Shiroyama. He met with Maria Heartocean, their top researcher, to apologize for the inconveniences and ask her if she needed something, but was shocked when Maria informed him a boy had bypassed his security measures and contacted her. His shock was cut short by Kyousuke Shiroyama re-entering the room, criticizing his security measures and pointing out Biondetta would be capable of doing the same. When Maria agreed with Kyousuke's evaluation he tried to retaliate by beating down Kyousuke, who easily knocked him out.[1]

Gouta would later be visited by Biondetta, who convinced him to change Kyousuke's evacuation plans by appealing to his cowardice by assuring him she would leave him and the VIPs go, as she was only interested in proving her skills as a summoner. Gouta later discovered Biondetta had lied to him, and she attacked the Stingray he and Maria were taking to escape.[2] He was later knocked out just as Kyousuke and Isabelle were boarding the Stingray to face Biondetta.[3]


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