Freedom (フリーダム Furīdamu) is one of the three main summoner factions in the world.[1]


Freedom is a group of around 500 “individual” summoners with no hierarchy restricting them.[1] Freedom's summoners are those who praise freedom above all else and hate any kind of restriction. Normally that type of people will meet some level of resistance from society. But some of those people will force through it with their own strength, and those are the people who had naturally gathered together and built a loose framework around themselves.[2] Despite their low numbers and loose organization, the power of their individual summoners allows them to act as the third major power.[3]

Due to the way the organization works, members have no obligation to help each other, so summoners likely can't expect to get help from a colleague unless they know each other personally.[4] The Material Freedom has made a contract with is the Unexplored-class Material the Spirit of the Fluttering “Yellow” Gills that Rules the Heavens, which stands at the peak of high cost sounds and manages Freedom's Awards.[5] Freedom's summoners work as freelance summoners, selecting jobs on their own.[1] Since none of their summoners usually care about any other summoners in their group, they don't keep an official registry of their members.[6]

While Government and Illegal consider each other enemies and are in a contant standoff, they both work with and hire summoners from Freedom, who's considered to have extraterritoriality. Of course, Freedom does not just obey them. If either one went too far, they are prepared to retaliate with an intense war.[7] Freedom usually ends up acting to mediate the issue between them as a third party.[3]



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