D.R.O.K. (DROK(王権神授)DROK (ōken shinju)), standing for Divine Right of Kings, is a summoning ceremony international trade show.[1]


D.R.O.K. is an international trade show who related to the summoning ceremony held by Government, Illegal and Freedom for 10 days in a large plan in Hokkaido. The trade show is intended to show off and make sales deals for technical research and new weapons of the Third Summoning Ceremony. The tens of thousands of people participating in the event are all summoners and vessels.[2] The grassy field is filled with enormous structures. Military contractors, pharmaceutical companies, and countless other corporations and groups set up flashy outdoor booths as well as giant indoor displays that resemble circus tents. D.R.O.K. also includes the lodging facilities and infrastructure to support the thousands of staff and the guests who number ten times that , from hotels made by stacking several metal containers that have been decorated as a guest room to solid resort hotels[2] The D.R.O.K. is basically a temporary city built for just a ten day event. All structures, from the booths and stages to lodging facilities are arranged in a ring with a diameter of ten kilometers. In the center of that ring there is the Pandemonium.[3]

D.R.O.K. is officially a joint project run by Government, Illegal, and Freedom. It lies one step away from reconciliation and is considered a necessary step toward a historical turning point that will end the age of fruitless conflict. However, it’s actually run by the Deltaston family, a member of the Round Table that has formed a gigantic border-crossing faction by sending skilled summoners to each of the three major powers. In other words, the joint project is simply the Deltaston family’s way of expanding their power. This is the reason for the event's name.[4]


Light Novel Volume 04Edit

Kyousuke Shiroyama attended the D.R.O.K. for the summoner job he was hired to do by Mika Himekawa.[1]


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