Cursed Doll (呪い人形 Majinainingyō) is a summoner of Illegal.[1]


Her appearance has not been described.


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Light Novel Volume 04Edit

Cursed Doll was one of the summoners present at the junk food restaurant where Kyousuke Shiroyama met with Mika Himekawa.[1]


Cursed Doll is a summoner with 500 Awards. She's a rare example of a vessel who became a summoner. While usually those with the traits of a spiritual medium cannot act as a summoner because they are too strongly influenced by the Material during battle, she is known for building that loss of control into her strategy and pulling off feats above her Award level with almost suicidal techniques. Once she loses control, no one can predict who she will bare her fangs against, so it is effectively impossible to work with her on a mission.[1]


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