Bloodbath Rhapsody (血祭ラプソディー Chimatsuri Rapusodī) is a summoner of Government.[1]


Bloodbath Rhapsody's appearance has not been described.


Not much is known about Bloodbath Rhapsody's personality.


Light Novel Volume 01Edit

Bloodbath Rhapsody was one of the four Government summoners deployed with a small group of Repliglass soldiers to hunt down Higan Meinokawa, though Azalea Magentarain considered the four to be useless for fighting Kyousuke Shiroyama.[1] Indeed, Kyousuke defeated them all with ease. After defeating Perfect Game and Diabolos without summoning a Material, Kyousuke used his own body to obscure Bloodbath Rhapsody's vision of his White Thorns, preventing him from strengthening his Material, allowing Kyousuke's DEC Tentacle to easily defeat his Sharp Mermaid in one blow.[2]


Bloodbath Rhapsody is a summoner with 780 Awards.[1]


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