Akiya Rendou (簾堂 明也(れんどう あきや) Rendō Akiya) is one of Kyousuke Shiroyama's classmates.[1]


Despite being a boy, Akiya has semi-long brown hair and wears a girl’s blazer and pleated skirt.[1]


Akiya has a rough manner of speech. He uses a loophole in the student handbook to dress in a girl's uniform. He only does this for fashion and not because he wants to be treated like a woman, and he has reacted very strongly to other boy's sending him love letters.

Akiya is also known as the head of the going-home club for trying everything and losing interest in everything.[1]


Akiya Rendou went to the same middle school as Ryouko Umie.[2]


Light Novel Volume 02Edit

Kyousuke met up and talked with Akiya upon arriving to his classroom. The two were joined by Ryouko. Their talk about ghosts and the Rainy Girl was interrupted by the emergency bell for a surprise emergency crime prevention training, and the three followed the other students towards the gym. On their way there they met their student council president Fuuki Benikomichi, which spurred a conversation about the difference between "commoners" like them and Fuuki.[1] Akiya would later comment on Ryouko being scared of the Rainy Girl's rumor[2]

Kyousuke met with Akiya on the way to school after saving Ryouko's older sister through manipulating causality by taking advantage of the distortion brought by Hayato and Fuuki's plan. As they walked to school Akiya informed Kyousuke of the latest ghost rumor: the ghost of a guy who saved a girl from an attempted murderer can be seen on rainy days.[3]

Light Novel Volume 03Edit

Kyousuke, who was buying Isabelle a menu from a family restaurant as a reward for their previous mission, met with Akiya, who was also eating breakfast at the same restaurant. Akiya was wearing a witch's outfit, as the city's Delayed Walpurgis campaign offered discounts in several shops to people wearing costumes. Akiya revealed to Kyousuke that they were getting a male transfer student.[4] Akiya would later meet with Kyousuke and Ryouko in school, where Ryouko berated him for making money by selling fake Girl's Backdoors through online auctions and causing her and other delivery workers trouble with the police.[5]

Light Novel Volume 08 Edit

Light Novel Volume 09 Edit


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